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Chevy 3500 plow truck v2.0
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Chevy 3500 plow truck v2.0

the first vershion was not the right one so ill give you the rigt one



  • Blacky
    2016-02-29 20:29 Send message
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    junk mod doesn't work it won't load it say's invalid waste of time
  • Punkadylan
    2016-02-29 20:57 Send message
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    mod stealer
  • Tdog55
    2016-03-01 00:34 Send message
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  • Jim


    2016-03-01 04:33 Send message
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    You guys that are making these mods really need to set back and just look at what you are putting out for public release. 101mb for this type of mod is insane and the quality??? Well its not there. Log errors and warnings are your most important things to check before a release. Now you all do not take this as a hate towards modeling. Just this game now has top notch mods out now and when your use to using them in-game.
  • Offspring gaming
    2016-03-11 23:29 Send message
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    Wow this is my mod please take this down and dont steal and take others mod and work without asking- Offspring Gaming
  • Offspring gaming
    2016-03-12 05:25 Send message
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    Sorry were good this is not mine idk bout those other people posting tho
  • Spring gamer
    2016-06-07 22:54 Send message
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    I want to farm with you also I like your truck so much
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