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Chevy C10 Pickup v1.3
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Chevy C10 Pickup v1.3

so the most important thing in front. The Urmodder is MODALL and we must rebuild its mods and re-upload as long as you mention him as urmodder both in the credits and in the Moddesc what we do with this as far as we know.
Back to the top I citation times what we wrote in the Moddesc:
"This is a Chevy C10 Pickup the first with a 5.4 liters V8 engine Gernation with 162 kW output of the model year 1965. Because of the model year, the vehicle has an H-plate this is for historical (H-approvals there only from a vehicle age 30 years and up). The current payload is 5000 liters. "

Color selection disabled and a black / yellow combination selected as the default.
Extended tailgate
Adapted Fillplane and loading capacity
Orginale motor data entered (driving characteristics have not been changed)
H license plate attached (for German registration)
Because of the increased load capacity wheels (complete) were minimal widened front and rear
In addition, 2 RULs on the cab roof and a RUL were mounted on the rear bumper
Features like hood on and so on have remained
Customized Store image and description
Log is clean

So now we wish you lots of fun while testing and simulating
Yours sincerely
The MTL Modding Team

Urmodder = Modall
Umbauer = MTL Modding Team

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