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Chevy Suburban Pack V1.0
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Chevy Suburban Pack V1.0

this pack contains two trucks. Z71 4 wheel drive and LS 2 wheel drive
each has it’s own personality, the LS is very easy to drive even at top speed (100km). the Z71 is a bit more fun
+Z71=325 HP, 4×4, and receiver hitch (trailer and trailerLow)
+LS=295 HP, RWD and bumper hitch (only trailerLow)
+dust from wheelies
+leaves tracks
+lights has low beam and hi beam also warning beecons
+custom schema
+it doesn’t get dirty and I cant do that
+as far color choces, see below
+100% error free log
include in the textures folder is anothe zip conatning a bunch of dfferent skin colors. to change color just rename one of the colored skins to ether body1 or body2 and drag into the textures folder to write over the default. the dfault skins are also found in that zip in case you wnat to switch back
these Suburbans are converted to LS15 100% by me. permission must be asked AND given before editing and uploading any LS15 (or future LS titles) verson using any files contaned in this zip.
a lot of time and attention to detal was spent on this mod. it’s not perfect, but I think it is of descent quality, so please, if you want to make a verson for LS15 then make you own convserion from the LS13 release. here it the link to that modhub.us/farming-simulator-2013-mods/chevysuburban-1/

Z Riley

  • Good mod
    2015-07-31 15:49
    I would like to add these to the family car mods and even if Toyota or something .
  • Anthony
    2015-12-08 01:11
    Does it have a passenger script?
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