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Chipper Docking Feed Table
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Chipper Docking Feed Table

I had the machine shop fabricate an in feed trough for the New Jenz chipper. You back the chipper into the docking area then set up to start working.
The trough is long enough to handle most full length trees plus the cut up lengths. When loading the trough just make sure one end is on the chipper
intake unless you want to pull them in with the chipper boom. This docking station is made to keep the chipper from bouncing around which keeps the
output chute in a position to keep unloading. I have included the blender file in the folder. You are free to improve(including reskinning)or add on
to the chute and release it but please keep the original credits along with any additional credits. This version is placeable.I hope this a useful
addition to your forestry enterprises. This should be placed on level ground. Thank you for downloading.

Credits Model JohnDeere1952
Textures CGTextures

  • Matti ollikainen
    2014-11-01 16:43
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    Where is this located on the map? Cannot find....
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-11-02 04:01
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    Nice mod that helps .... just to bad FS15 is majority screwed up with all kinds of glitches and even some bugs that crash the game especially with the forestry equipment!Anyone else notice how the Jenz chipper won't accept certain lengths of wood? It's always leaves small pieces that it won't chip no matter what and needs to be cleared before it accepts anything else.FS15 seems to be chalked for a bugs .... it's almost like no one bothered to tested the damn game before
  • Sumwon
    2014-11-02 09:44
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    I agree mate, FS15 is a disappointment to say the least. Standard vehicles not getting traction and sliding out of control among other things .. i hope they release a patch to fix it :(
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-11-03 06:17
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    Yeah ... drifting with a Case IH 600 Quad Trac is a like stupid ... physics wise ... lolAnyone else notice how the tractor weights won't clean unless you unhook them?How the traxs the vehicles leave in the dirt are facing in the wrong direction?It's just obvious retard mistakes the make you even wonder ... "What the hell were they even thinking releasing this if it's so screwed up?"
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-11-03 06:21
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    The Scorpion cutter ... man is that thing screwed up .... lolIt will climb the tree if you set the cutter to low pulling the vehicle up into the tree!Sometimes when after cutting the tree, it falls out of the cutter attachment ... and if the tree falls into another and not flat onto the ground ... you can set the cutter head onto the tree and engage the cutter crashing the game!
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