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Chopped Corn Texture v1.0
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Chopped Corn Texture v1.0

Alternate texture for the "foliage_maize_haulm_diffuse" in the Chopped Straw mod.
Instructions included in the file.
Changes consist of replacing the "foliage_maize_haulm_diffuse" texture from the choppedStraw.

Also changes in the map.i3d  <FoliageSubLayer name="choppedMaize_haulm"
-- height" "
-- blockShapeId=" "
-- These changes give it a "fluffier" look.
-- read instructions for these changes.

**Forgot to mention in the instructions in the <FoliageSubLayer name="choppedMaize_haulm" to change the numBlocksPerUnit="1.4" to numBlocksPerUnit="1"
**Chopped Straw is needed to be installed on the map prior to this.**


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