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Christiansfeld v1.0
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Christiansfeld v1.0

Hi Guys,
Today I want to ask the Christian field Map to verfüungen! :)
The map comes normally from the LS13, and was designed by Lorentsen (Karollic) built. After consulting with him, I have permission to get the Map to convert and deliver it to download.
This is the first preliminary version of the map, so to some errors and bugs emerge. I ask this to report so I can fix it in a next version!

Here's some info on the Map;
Large fields as well as small fields
All standard animal species (cows, sheep, chickens)
Beet stock
Start Vehicles
And much more....

In a further version the following things be flown;
Conversion of Map
New Items
possibly new textures
Bug Fixes
And much more ...

Required Mods:
AnimationMap Trigger: http://vertexdezign.net/downloads/4

The map can be played, of course, with "Low" PCs.
If you find bugs or errors reports this please contact me so I can fix them as soon as possible.
So now I wish you much fun with the map! :)
Lg Farmer133

This mod may NOT remodeled be asked to download!
This mod must be anegboten on other sites only using the original links to download !!!
I offer all the necessary rights that map to download!

Erbauer: Lorentsen
Konvertiert von: Farmer133

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