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Chrzaszczyzewoszyce v2.1.0
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Chrzaszczyzewoszyce v2.1.0

Map has:
– Mod chaff
– GuelleMistMod
– Multi friut
– 3 playable Home
– Purchase of cereals
– Machine shop
– Beautiful Polish climate
– Small, medium and larger fields in time for the Polish hardware and the larger
– Pretty good texture
– Opens the door to the O
– Map fairly flat with mild hills
– cows
– hens

Changes in Version V2.1
– Added new, third farm, the bigger equipment
– Added new fields for major appliances
– Fixed errors
– On a small farm silo is located on the grass, and a large 2 silos for grass and silage
– Added mud in several fields
– Added a nice little river and bridge
– Improved collision in buildings
– Fixed levitating objects
– Improved glowing buildings


  • Blacky
    2016-07-30 00:31
    boring map missing gates open mod need to fix it and put more work into it
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