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Citroen C4 v1.0
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Citroen C4 v1.0

For a long time I was looking for nem halfway beautiful Famielienkombi, one can imagine his beautiful garage in the Bjorn Holm map. Finally, even the most hard-minded farmer also wants to take a trip with the family - and not necessarily the executor :-) So had a car here, and since I do not yet have the necessary knowledge to entiwckeln a completely new model I have simply made ??a park model from LS15 mobile, gives him some nice additional features such as TDI seats or a black finish ....

Data to the car:
Model: Citoren C4 2.0 TDI
PS: 75
Year: 2013

Then I hear very gladly jump engines of course also had a realistic sound possible here - because I think the standard sound of PiQups stupid I simply added to our own family cars. This fits well in my opinion on this Citroen.

This is the first version of this mod. Others will follow in an improved form!
In addition, other models such as a golf 7, BMW X5 or a Ford Transit are planned.

Please have look if still errors or bugs. It is in this car to the very first mod, I've "made".
Could not upload the mod on other platforms is permitted only with the original link. Also, the model must be transformed only on request.
Have fun with the Citroen, I wish you a safe journey!
LG NowHereYet, 09/30/15


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