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Citroen H flatbed and Livestock v2.6
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Citroen H flatbed and Livestock v2.6

Small Pickup truck or lorry and cattle truck on base of the iconic french Citroen H/HY van.
The Type H had been built from 1948 to 1981 in numerous variants. He has a front wheel drive which gives a lot of space for cargo in the rear section.
Fill types cattle transport: pig beef young_pig young_beef sheep2 young_sheep2 chicken2 lamb young_lamb cow2 young_cow2
Fill types pickup: wheat, barley, corn/maize rape/canola, sugarbeet and potatoes. He also can load small cargo like lumber in the lower part of the cargo bay.  Note! There is no room for the standard wool pallet
The cars have all FS2015 standard functions. Little amount of dirt, dyable, full lighting including dashboard and registration, work and headlight and indicators in the cockpit.
Note! Thiese cars are small and need to be navigated carefully beneath the triggers.

Marhu (Cargo Script) mit Erlaubnis

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