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Claas Axion Pack
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Claas Axion Pack

I present to you a package of best tractor Claas Axion, where we played in FS2013. This is version 1.0. There are no errors in the log, but in the future will be modernized.
Tractors have accurate models so carefully on the low poly PC!

Pack includes two tractors (Axion850 / 830) and the front loader.

- Mod plowing
- Full lighting
- Opening doors and windows
- Foldable front hydraulic arms (at 850)
- Accurate (revised) interior.
- Wheels on the (M, N)
- Animated fenders
- Traces of tires
- Animation hand
- Mirrors
- Warning Signs
- Real smoke exhaust
- Dust from under the wheels
- Animated display for speed and rpm
- Additional weights
- Real driving physics.
- Real noises.
- Tires for tractors are Different.
- There are no errors in the log
- Do not get dirty
- Console front loader (830)
- Scale: 1: 1
- The price depends on the model

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  • Badtime
    2015-01-29 13:57
    attacher no funtion :( Man kann keine hänger anhängen
  • Guest
    2015-01-29 14:45
    You call this "high poly model" are joking?NOTHING on these mods impressed me...NOTHINGThe same unfinished cabin and textures like on every other mod.And the sound?? wtf??
  • Guest
    2015-01-29 15:05
    Rear attacher is not working!!!!
  • Guest
    2015-01-29 19:10
    When I read "does not et dirty" I know tis was not worth the download... so I didnt.
  • Guest
    2016-05-23 06:04
    I love this mod its cool but back fuction don't work
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