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Claas Dominator 86 v1.5.5B
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Claas Dominator 86 v1.5.5B

Here my beautiful Claas Dominator 86 for you !!
He is still in beta but with the huge demand, I called into you here to Download.
The function so far are only the standard LS15, let's see what the future bring.
Oh yes, of course, a cutter is attending namely the Class C450 with this impaired trailers.

The facts!!

Claas Dominator 86:
Year: 1982, Engine: Perkins, cylinder: 6 with 6,1l engine capacity, power: 120HP, grain tank: 4600L Max Speed: 25KMH.

Class C450:
Year: 1982, width: 4.5m with adjustable reel via mouse control

Claas Dominator 86:
Revised Sounds
ic Control

Claas Cutting:
now Washable
New textures
Reel with tines
Reel rotates slowly on
Reel rotates slowly
Reel adjustable via mouse
Cutting now has red dividers
Removable side panel on key R

Claas Header Trailer:
Fixed textures
Fenders to reduce fixed now removable on key R

Claas Dominator 86:
Revised Sounds
Claas Header Trailer:
Revised textures
Revised Fahrdunamic
now Washable
Fenders to degrade
Revised fixation by cutting

PS: error please report the WIP project Claas Dominator 86 Logbook Entry errors / problems. Thank you!

Und Danke an die Beta Tester!!

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