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Claas Jaguar 870 textures v1.0
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Claas Jaguar 870 textures v1.0

Today I have the honor to the textures of my buddy Padde published here. Among the Stickerbomb texture of me. He was firmly convinced that I should make the textures can be downloaded here, so I'll do it now.

In Pack are:
Stickerbomb texture
BluePower texture
Black Beauty texture
Claasgrün texture

I have looked at the pack is not accurate, but made ??few screens quick. So if there are any problems, write me here or on my Facebook page:

Go to your Claas Jaguar 870 (of the MB3d Modelling).
There, on the folder textures and adds the respective texture that you wanted in there. NOTE: You must replace the old texture so makes you a backup copy in case you later want the old times.

Now have fun with the textures,
Padde & Fr3aky

Padde & Fr3aky

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