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Claas Jaguar 980 v2.3
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Claas Jaguar 980 v2.3

Mod has:
- Mod dirty
- Mod is washable
- IC panel (openable door, adjustable steering wheel, etc.)
- Mod cameras
- Changing normal wheels on tracks (only front)
- Installation of the weight at the back
- Possibility of extending the pipe to the discharg
- Joystick annihilation
- Roosters
- Direction indicators
- Key from under the wheel
- The circles leave traces
- Full script
- Mirrors
- New tracked textura
- when you open the door in the cabin it is louder
- Oil change script (manual ingition required)
- The door opens from the outside
- Heders get dirty and are washable
- Passenger's script
an alternative download link is an add-on required for the module

Model: kyosho
Texture: mb3d
Script: modelleicher/Sven777b/Joxxxer/RivalBomb/Manuel Leithner/Fruktor/EKA/Alex2009
Idea / Concept: Tali'ZoraH
Testing: Tali'Zorah/Szymon

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