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Claas Lexion 580/600 v1.5
2 0 0 1996

Claas Lexion 580/600 v1.5

Here's the Claas Lexion 580 and Lexion 600.

- Revised texture
- Small model changes
- New button to cameras 180 ° rotating (some had problems here)
- Threshing possible during rain
- Crop loss during and some time after rain
- Grain sample refer to the current loss determine (besides cabin)
- Particle in removing the "haystack"
- Animated Joystick
- Transport position for shredder
Grain headers:
- New: V660, V750, V1200
- Knife animated
- Particle in removing the "haystack"
- New: Conspeed 6-75, Conspeed 8-75
- Particle in removing the "haystack"
- Conspeeds: transport protection must be removed before work possible
Header Trailer:
- New: 3 Claas Header Trailer for 7.5m, 10.5m and 12m
- Attacher revised: uncoupling of SWW regardless of cutting now

Claas Lexion 580/600:
all Features of the standard Vehicles
toggleable cameras
Dirt on the wheels (as a 3D-object)
Usage (Depending on speed, harvested crop and workwidth)
toggleable manual unloading
Choppingwidth can be adjusted
Contains a TerraTrac and a wheel version of the combines
threshing while it's raining (with loss in yield)
Check current loss of yield (left next to cabine)
animated Joystick
transport position for chopper
max Speed:
20 Km/h (Lexion 580)
30 Km/h (Lexion 600)
Fill Volume:
10500 l (Lexion 580)
12000 l (Lexion 600)

Claas Vario 660/750/900/1050/1200:
all Features of the standard Vehicles
toggleable cameras on both sides for the combines
animated cutters
6,60m (Vario 660)
7,50m (Vario 750)
9.00m (Vario 900)
10,5m (Vario 1050)
12,0m (Vario 1200)

Capello Quasar R8:
all Features of the standard Vehicles
Workwidth: 8 Rows

Claas Conspeed 6-75/8-75:
all Features of the standard-Giants Vehicles
transport protections
6 Reihen (Conspeed 6-75)
8 Reihen (Conspeed 8-75)

Thüringer Agrar Leguan 32/All 3 claas cutter trailers
all Features of the standard-Giants Vehicles
Attacher for cutters
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Thanks to everyone who helped to create this pack.
And a extrem big Thank you to all of the testers who helped to fix a ton of the bugs. Also a big thanks to everyone who uses the original uploaded Link or sends me a bit through paypal.
It's permitted to offer the mod for download on other pages as long as the original download link is used. If you want to use it in a Pack, PM me. If you want to use any parts of this mod, you have to ask for permission first.

Stehbeni, Shangri66, Michi77, Knagsted, rafftnix, RivalBomb, Fruktor, Siwus

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