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CLAAS LEXION 780 v1.4 final
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CLAAS LEXION 780 v1.4 final

- The addition of IC panel
- Adding cameras
- Adding cameras on hederach
- The addition of new trucks in the package
- Adding lighting from inside the cab 670tki
- Addition of rear lights under a number key 4
- Adding mute sounds in the cockpit
- Adding a new dirty (gray)
- Addition of dust behind a combine
- Increase the speed to 40 km / h

Claas Lexion 780:
- Gets dirty
- Washable
- Full animation (joystick all cylinders, ladder, chaff)
- Animation seat and the panel, move on holes
- Manual unloading of grain
- Full lighting
- Capacity grain tank 13500l
- Capacity fuel tank 945l
- Speedometer (analog and digital)
- Fuel gauge
- Grain tank full indicator
- Hour meter
- GreenStar function (navigation mowing)
- Rear axle moves
- The sound information and roosters are switched on at 80%
- Headers adapt to the terrain
- Script Passenger

- Adding new cardboard
- The addition of ground following the version on terra-truck
- Adding animation on and off screens with the engine off and switched on
- Added a new header vario 750
- Many visual improvements
- Fixed rocking modification

- Adding animation forage harvester
- Wiper walk in the rain
- Added version on wheels
- Fixed a warning in 1200 vario
- New elements in the combine, such as new hatch from the grain tank, ladder, new rear
- Fixed a problem with dirty in the cabin
- Lighting is working properly now, all 3 lights operate at once
- New sounds in 3D
- New animation filling the grain
- Improving the visual model

- Improving few details
- Improved weight hederu 12m (CLAAS vario1200)
- Added buttons in the cockpit illumination in

The package is a harvester Claas Lexion 780TT 780, CLAAS Vario 750, 900, 1050, 1200 Claas Conspeed 12 75FC and a set of trucks.

Model - SFM-modding
Conversion to LS15 - SIID, Lookee86
Amendments concerning the physics of the combine - Pawulon
Repairs to a foul the headers - vnsfdg2
FillVolume - vnsfdg2
Help: User B4D (animation Rotary)

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