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Claas Mega 208 218 Pack v1.0
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Claas Mega 208 218 Pack v1.0

The Claas Mega 218 is back! Now with its smaller brother, the 208 Mega!

Interior is partially animated
Door and ladder can be opened by IC and outside
indoor sound - responds to door
LS15 Standard (washable, indicators, ..)
optional as Hardpoint version - red or gray rims to choose from
Drescher can be switched on without being selected
Pipe can with Shift + O without also select Hide / are retracted
"Straw piles" that are more slowly during threshing and get out and "wipe" again may be removed
Reapers have animated knife and the "reel Straw animation" as they have been to the Lexion Pack
REAL SOUNDS: partially new, partially re-LS13

Claas Mega 208
Claas Mega 218
Claas C600
Claas C660

optionally also the Geringhoff Horizon Star 6 can from my Lexion Pack be used.

Other data:
Mega 208:
235 hp
Grain tank capacity 7500l
Top speed 22.6 km / h

Mega 218:
278 hp
Grain tank capacity 7500l
Top speed 24.2 km/h

Fruit types: Standard
4 light modes: Normal - AL behind - AL front - AL Abladerohr (AL = working light)

! IMPORTANT! Normal Download link leads to the version without hardpoint, the alternate download link leads to the version with Hard Point. The hardpoint version is also characterized by _hardPoint in the filename.
Have fun during threshing)

Modell/Textur: tornado
ingame: tornado, RivalBomb
Scripts: RivalBomb, fruktor, Manuel Leithner

  • Thesomerandomguy1
    2015-12-12 23:52
    Amazing mod! The amount of work put into these two bombshells is amazing! I released a review for this mod in case you want to see it in action! Youtube.com/TheSomerandomguy1
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