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CLAAS Xerion 4000 SaddleTrac v0.8 beta
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CLAAS Xerion 4000 SaddleTrac v0.8 beta

In the SADDLE TRAC the cab is Positioned above the front axle, leaving plenty of space behind the cab for a wide range of potential applications.
With a tanker installed, the XERION Becomes a self-propelled machine for substrates logistics. The SADDLE TRAC is already a Firmly established player in this area.
Mounting Systems for seed and Fertilisers thus increase capacity When timeframes are tight.

CLAAS Xerion Saddle Trac
max speed 50km / h
engine spec
Cylinders 6
Cubic capacity 10.6 l
Nominal engine speed 1900 rpm
Rated output (ECE R 120) 308 kW / 419 hp
Max. Output (ECE R 120) 320 kW / 435 hp at 1700 rpm
Torque Max. 2100 Nm at 1300 rpm

SGT tank
capacity 16 000l
width spray 8m
liters Per Second 250

Disc Applicator
size 6m
liters Per Second 50

KAWECO OptiDrill
Ploughshare applicator
width spray 6m
liters Per Second 55

Hose Applicator
width spray 12m
liters Per Second 150

Seed tank
capacity 10 000l

Model Smety, Angelus
Textures: Smety
In game: Smety
Test: Smety, Angelus, Honza, Pavlas
Version 0.8 beta

Web: www.zdbudiskovice.nolimit.cz
facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/154443187931335/

That mod is only available on Modhoster.de and on the official website of CMT (Czech Mod Team)
All modifications are prohibited!
Changing the download link is forbidden!
All copyrights are owned by CMT (Czech Mod Team)

Model: Smety, Angelus
Textures: Smety
In game: Smety
web: www.zdbudiskovice.nolimit.cz
facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/154443187931335/
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/smetyj

  • Erpilas
    2015-07-04 01:08
    0 0
    no se por qué...me da "RENDER ERROR" AL COMPRAR TODOS LOS ( CZMODS CLAAS )....una pena....
  • Blg


    2015-07-04 13:50
    0 0
    bon mod fonctionne tres bien merci bcp pour ce mod
  • Grey
    2015-07-06 00:03
    0 0
    Glad to finally see the 3800's big daddy in 2015.Thanks!ps any chance of a sprayer?
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