Farming simulator 2019 mods
CLAAS XERION 4500 v3.0
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CLAAS XERION 4500 v3.0

-universal toggle parts
-interactive control
-interactive windows
-physical camera
-speed display control
-rpm display control
-reverse driving
-door opener
-warning signs
-buyable twin eheels attacher

Modell & ingame: Smety, Angelus, Kiruha, Ramos
New Ingame & edit: Déw250

  • Jeremy
    2016-05-30 00:50 Send message
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    Two people permanently in cab, one on either side. The driver is so far over that the control panel for the tractor has been removed. The driver's arm doesn't move with steering wheel. No buyable twin wheels as far as I could see (didn't check to see if there is a toggle via IC control...too disappointed with other problems to bother checking)...
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