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Class avero220 C6
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Class avero220 C6

Modication de la  Sampo Rosenlew C6 en modele fictif La Class Avero 220 C6 avec les barres de coupe au couleur de Class
2 barres céreale normal + 1 mais de 6 rangs


  • Richard
    2015-01-03 00:31
    This is just a re texture of the Comia c6. and if you drive it, it will have the same HP and KW. if I were you I wouldn't download this, its just a waste of time. but if your tired of the regular texture then I would download it
  • Farmboy002
    2015-05-29 22:28
    All I can say is..........It works...Unlike most of the other junky mods.It is a nice little havester......
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