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Coldborough Farm
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Coldborough Farm

Coldborough Farm is a real working arable farm in Herefordshire of around 250-300 acres. The farm is situated about 5 miles outside of the picturesque market town of Ross-on-Wye. The farm has stunning scenic views which I have tried to replicate in game. I hope you enjoy this map.

This farm works best with small to medium machinery, there is one farm, one sell point, a Dairy, and a vehicle shop. There are 18 fields belonging to the farm and several grass fields. The Potato and Sugar Beet storage are located at the North end of 'Parrocks Perry' field. The meadow next to the farm has both Cattle and Sheep. The map has working traffic and a milk truck. It has the standard crops from Farming Simulator 2013, but I have turned the 'crop wither' off.

I grew up on this farm and had the pleasure of working on it for many years. I have wanted to make a version of it for Farming Simulator for a long time. I have tried to make it as close to the real thing as possible while still including aspects of the game itself. I hope you enjoy playing on this farm.

Map Design: BulletBill83

Map Objects:
FSUK Website Team
NI Modding
FMC Modding

Please note: If I have missed anyone out here please let me know and I can add your name to the credits.
Special thanks to 'Strongbuild' for being the official map tester with me.

  • Carl
    2014-12-16 19:14
    thanks for this map as i live in Hereford so now i can farm near my home!
  • Guest
    2014-12-16 22:20
    Sorry but why is this in the 2015 section ?
  • Richard
    2014-12-16 23:26
    don't download it. it didn't work for me and chances are it wont work for you. I saw someone that commented that this map is not for the 2015 version of farming simulator so if I were you I would not download it because it will just get your hopes up for nothing and will make you find out how to download mods if you don't know how to already.
  • Njk


    2014-12-17 19:37
    There is a map for FS2015 or FS2013 to ????
  • Metrix
    2014-12-17 20:00
    not working for me either. think it is for FS 2013.
  • Sheathanaich
    2014-12-18 15:50
    Mistakenly put into the FS15 download hub.....This map is for FS13, pity as well as it would be a beaut for FS15
  • Jerome
    2014-12-18 23:43
    la map ne s installe pas sur fs15!!!
  • Guest
    2014-12-19 12:18
    Oui j'ai le même soucis elle ne passe pas sur FS-15 dommage elle à l'air pas mal
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