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Commissioner VWFD v1
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Commissioner VWFD v1

Commissioner truck for VWFD
Fs1554 & and special thanks to Hires. A tower ladder is coming soon.

Fs1554 & and special thanks to Hires. A tower ladder is coming soon

  • Dakota hires
    2017-03-22 23:44
    its funny this is not even the real mod. this is honestly Bear Mountains
  • Hires eats dick
    2017-03-23 00:49
    Shut your hole, dakota hires, nobody gives a fuck
  • William hawkins
    2017-03-23 03:33
    You just did it now. That has a logo copywritten and you will be in trouble via the real fire department
  • Puzzy azz shit
    2017-03-23 04:36
    Look at this circle jerk here...... This is farming simulator not fire simulator.... get this bullshit outta here and all three of you can jerk each other off....for fucks sake.....
  • Joe


    2017-03-23 23:57
    its trolls like you that take the "farming" out of farming simulator!!!
  • Braedyn
    2017-03-25 20:54
    can we gat a engine or a ambulance
  • Unknown
    2017-03-28 02:58
    Yeah can we get an ambulance. preferably a ford
  • Fred
    2017-03-29 05:34
    do u have a good rescue truck?
  • Jack of all trades
    2017-04-01 07:23
    have any of you herd of fire simulator?...yea its real go ask mommy and daddy for a advance in your allowance and GO BUY IT!!!
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