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Console Extension v3.0
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Console Extension v3.0

The ZZZ_ConsoleExtension.zip in the mods folder.

Open the console and enter the commands listed here.

Open Tutorial Console:

The Console Extension mod adds LS Console by 5 further orders.
Explanation of the individual commands in the following.

gsOwnAllFields - have all fields
Panel input: gsOwnAllFields
Function: All fields go into your property without paying a cent.

Add and remove money - gsAddMoney
Panel input: gsAddMoney value

gsAddMoney 1230 -> 1230 credit.
gsAddMoney -2000 - Remove> 2000.

Note: You can not deduct more money than is in the account.
gsSetPlayerSpeed ??- erhöen speed
Panel input: gsSetPlayerSpeed ??value

gsSetPlayerSpeed ??10 -> running speed of the player to 10gesetzt.
gsSetPlayerSpeed ??default -> Set speed to default.

gsTakeTimedSnapshots - Automatic Screenshots
Panel input: gsTakeTimedSnapshots value

gsTakeTimedSnapshots 1 -> power after 1 minute a screenshot.
gsTakeTimedSnapshots false -> Disables the function again.
Note: C: / Users / Documents / MyGames / Farming Simulator 2015 / Screenshots

gsAddFruit - add fruits to the store
Panel input: gsAddFruit fruit type value

gsAddFruit wheat 10000 -> 10000 adds to the wheat level.
gsAddFruit wheat -10000 -> 10000 draws from wheat level again.
Note: The commands are all stored in a text document.
And in the ZZZ_ConsoleExtension.zip.

It is up to you what he downloaded and what is not.
Who does not like it, it will not download, thank you.
Thanks to eicher model for the release! And now enjoy.

modelleicher, se7en

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