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Construction Rock Terrain Texture Diffuse
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Construction Rock Terrain Texture Diffuse

Want to add an additional terrain texture to your map? This is a simple diffuse for painting construction grade terrain texture on maps. This is for map makers; it will not work by placing the file in your mods folder.

NOTE: It is generally known that you can only have four textures in any one grid area of your map; this will not change that feature.

1) Add the diffuse file to your terrain folder in the textures folder in your map.
1a) For the distance diffuse, I copied one of the grains #5 that I thought matched up. Your choice. Copy and paste in same folder and rename to redRock_distance_diffuse.png
2) Copy the beachSand_weight file in your map’s map01 folder; paste in same folder with the name redRock_weight.png
3) Open map in notepad++ and add layer (TerrainTransformGroup ) and files.
NOTE: For the distanceMapID, I used
4) Open map in GE and check scripting area for errors. Check to see if the layer loaded in the foliage layer drop-down menu. Paint some flowers (channels 4+6)

This was created on FS13 but the graphic can be used on any FS version. You will have to determine your index and ID numbers. A readme file accompanies the diffuse which contains the sample code to work with.

Release: Any graphic artist that wishes to clean up the image and soften the edges is free to do so. Any advanced map maker that wishes to give better instructions is free to do so.


  • Payton
    2016-04-29 20:40
    it looks cool
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