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Container Traverse v1.0 clean
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Container Traverse v1.0 clean

Here on my wish Traverse_Container LS15
Factory and Polished ...
more: www.TSL-Landtechnik.com

Who does not like, simply NOT upload!
* Work light on the sides
* Animated
* Attacher: telehandler / front loader
* Beacons
* Ballenattacher ... fix (also container or other) to keystroke B
* FAST holds everything hard ... NO seedlings!
* ... And other little things
* Log: clean

Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife

Model / Skin / construction LS13 / LS15: TSL
It is prohibited to upload this mod again, not even in modified form!
Please use the original download link!

Modell/Skin/Bau LS13/LS15: TSL

  • Mark
    2015-01-19 10:45
    where did u get the jcb loader i was wandering if i could gaet a copy for personel use only thanks.
  • Guest
    2015-04-13 09:34
    well quit wandering, sit down, and visit a "find a mod" thread near you! (the word is wondering, not wandering, wandering is what you do in the store....)
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