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Contemporary shelter v1.0
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Contemporary shelter v1.0

Dear Ls'ler. ;-)
There is here in LS15 already many shelters, ... yes I know.
And yet, I want you here this shelter not withheld.
--- Who does not have it, .einfach further click - (Have the part of people built that are happy)
The shelter is free on your map placeable once you've shipped the Zip. file in the mod folder.
The shelter adapts to the "underground" to a certain degree.
This means .. if you have a slight slope Like or at the place where your dugout
want to place, so this does not matter ..solange one opening (entrance) of the shelter in the direction to rotate, in the slope. Turning the shelter with the entrance towards the mountain from .. so I can not guarantee for NOT -schwebende- post. :-)
Please pay attention to the kinds of comments, .. otherwise I pay attention to the prevention of the clerk. ;-)
Have fun with the my opinion beautiful shelter.
lg, .. Your Rumtreiber22
ps ... 2 in a V still is light inserted and changed various things. Given me but time is lacking at the moment Bissel. But will follow.

Modell: Rumtreiber22
Textur: dijmaia
Script: Rumtreiber22

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