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Conversion Kit 101 parts v1.4 Texturen Set PSD
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Conversion Kit 101 parts v1.4 Texturen Set PSD

Good Morning
As many of you surely already get with via Facebook, I made at a conversion kit for your vehicle!
Now you can with this kit your vehicle Individually gestallten and herrichten Flexible!
The whole set consists of 101 components into 5 groups (more on that later), all components must be installed via GE and are also LS13 Compatible!
The variety of textures was the dyed it any time it is to change via Photoshop so instead just have gray Blue Guard!
In addition, everything is constructed in the kit that's Modular ie you can have your guard, exhaust or even your bull-adjust so that it fits perfectly to your vehicle. Even the wheels can be decorated with matching nuts protection or indeed net!

The kit, offering infinite possibilities and if this kit is well received even by many more in the near future ... Set's expanded in planning are groups such as ...
    Lamps / Lights / Spotlights
    Modular engine block
    Details (Battery Boxes, compressed air tank u.v.m.)
    And it is also a flexible tire / rim to rim set with different tires to be fitted!

In the first version are now following kits:
    Exhaust Set (Modular)
    Cabins / Vehicle Guard Set (Modular)
    Bull-Set (Modular)
    Front axles wheels / tires set (part Modular)
    Rear axles wheels / tires set (part Modular)
The Set's you can either download einzelt or as a complete set! (Spanned as 60MB for the Full quite heavy sprint)

Quick FAQ:
Why are so Set's Gross (MB)? ...
    Because the textures are Qualytativ quite high and therefore lead to some store!
How many triangles? ...
    The complete set with all share together is at about 400K Tri's but you will see the many Tri's were necessary in order to keep the 3D Qualytät as much as possible!
Your assessment of performance? ...
    I myself have a middle class computer with me and the entire set is running in 3-Locked version completely Easy and liquid think that too should be in there even more!
How did you get that idea? ...
    If in the Facebook group ever any which are shown enclosed ... Why should it not then also give a matching kit to ?! Is yes, finally, also roads kits and stuff!
When will the other versions? ...
    Depending on how good this set arrives with you now and how it takes on armed I think it could be in 2 - 3 weeks now enter the next set!
How long was the construction of this jetztigen set? ...
    2 days of construction in hours. 8 - 9 hours

Sooo I hope you will be pleased with this set here now and would be happy here or @ Facebook about your pictures to your tags!
Gruss your Freak36558
This mod is based and the CC license and may be more credits appointment and installed in the installed state Released provided that the copyright of the model is called. Think about the fairness of the Modder and it will do you no harm even if you have to press 10 letters on your Tastertur!
Model: Freak36558
Texture Build: Freak36558
Texture Source: CG Textures
Software: Blender 2.74

Modell / Textur by Freak36558

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    2015-04-05 22:57
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    Nice job . thanks for sharing
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