Farming simulator 2019 mods
Corn Belt v0.7
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Corn Belt v0.7

Distributed Map deco
Field buying relocated to the small town at the train yard
New florist
For SP installed some traffic
BGA bunker volume increased to 100,000
Milk removal-in because cows set
increased manure and manure capacity in cows
installed water storage on yard
built manure storage on yard
Signs made to hof
installed material and Particel Holder
Cattle built on the basis of fabric Script
Cattle sale at güterbahnhof
installed oil fracking on the basis of the factory script
Oil sales on güterbahnhof


  • Dragan
    2016-08-27 12:46
    die mappe st├╝rzt ab mit und ohne mods
  • Deafgamer
    2016-08-28 19:15
    Need to check your fields, it's not properly aligned and getting "You don't own this field" message. I will have to grass out the edges to fix the errors until your next map update.
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