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Corn fever 2K15 v1.2
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Corn fever 2K15 v1.2

Hello malingerers,
from an event Map for my community, was
the corn fever 2K15 for the Agriculture Simulator 15
Welcome to the Corn fever 2K15 of 4x4 Modding & Simu4you.de
On this map, everything revolves around the field of silage. Be it the grass crop silage, or corn silage, or the general ensiling. The range of the corn harvest, whether threshed or chopped, is probably the most popular crop area in the history of Farming Simulator.
For this reason, this map was created. Our members, regulars and guests wanted an event where it goes exactly to this area. When I realized how well received the event and the Map, I entschiet me to further expand my map, and refine again.
There is no 08/15 corn Map XXL bla bla bla.

What is Shoring?
Various scripts for a Lagfreien, and real games expiry
Animals (cows & chickens)
Seedmaster of Marhu
3 XXL silage silos (each 2,000,000 liters)
6 silos (each 1,000,000 liters)
A new store of LS-Mod temple
Eifok Landhandel (Includes all fruits incl. Silage, wood chips, Chaff)
The Sägewekt from 2013'er Forstmod
A small BGA next to the land trade
A construction site
A main entrance signposted after StVO

Further support can be found at:

Calli, Simu4you Modding Team/SMT, Ls-Mod Tempel, Devin/Mario

  • Gator
    2015-08-20 01:34
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    5 star map here ! Been playing it all day and it really a nice map . Love the hills and the objective . Do you have any plans to create or update a map like this with multifruits ? Maybe with carrot, onion,cabbage .
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