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Cotton Picker JD9550 v1.0
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Cotton Picker JD9550 v1.0

Update List:
Fixed header so it is centered.
Removed straw trail.
Original Authors: Kevin Enfinger, Reaper, Wayne Summer
Edit Author: Anonymous

Kevin Enfinger, Reaper, Wayne Summer

  • Tm


    2015-11-14 12:19
  •  chrisp267
    2015-11-14 12:31
    The original modder is Chrisp267.Fix the credits. Don't claim other mods as yours.It's so disrespectfull.
  • Matt
    2015-11-18 05:28
    CHRISP267 its just a flipping mod get over it who cares grow up
  • Redneck farmer
    2015-11-19 13:50
    I have tried every type of trailers that I have in my mods ( about 30 different tippers ), I can lift the dumper over the trailer and it still doesn't allow the haverester to unload, NOT sure why, so to me its still a piece of junk.
  • Wayne norwood
    2015-11-23 01:56
    it don't work it piece shit what it is
  • Jamiedill
    2015-11-28 02:34
    ish figured out the dumping problem I had it so the trailer was in a lower spot then the harvester
  • Danas
    2015-12-06 01:38
    get the grain hopper trailer. it works just fine.
  • The real kevin enfinger
    2015-12-16 00:14
    here everyone message me on facebook i hate black people and wish we can still onw them https://www.facebook.com/kevinenfinger85?fref=ts
  • Blame hater eric smith
    2016-07-08 23:02
    Blame this on the right person who starts all of this crap, eric smith AKA Fuctd Modding, and he happens to be some white as punk who thinks he's a black man, grow up eric
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