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Countryside/Tarania Map v0.0.4a
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Countryside/Tarania Map v0.0.4a

This is v 0.0.4 alpha of Countryside map (know as Tarania map).
Instruction: (First download the arhive and extract it.)
1. Make a new profile
2. Activate all 7 parts.
3. Change from Europe to taranoaia.mbd

Bugs: Ports=> gps problem…soon will be fix
Some area without terrain.
Price from Gas Station

What should you know about this map:
Is a concept to make a map only with village and dangerous road. Is alpha stage. I am the main author(owner) Narcis, and with my little help Alex we gonna make this map bigger and bigger.

I change map name to countryside to be easy for you to understand, and name of Tarania is for romanian guys(and girls).

This update was soo late relase because I(narcis) had and still have a very hard time. I am sick.
Please if you like this concept don’t be rude with me or alex.

Support us by downloading the map. If you like it please leave a comment.

Add in 0.0.4 alpha:
– Signs
– Five new city
– Some new texture.
– New city name
– The newest city have more realism

Name of the city was inspired from my fans from https://www.facebook.com/ets2romania

TEST on 1.21

Main Author: Narcis(redeye)
Alex( KiLLeR Modding)(special thanks for learning soo fast and for beeing a very good friend)
FLD(special thanks for new prefab)
Barrets_kills( special thankx for prefab and some new stuff)
Blue Models

  • Codi
    2015-09-29 02:52
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    when I download this mod after it says the name of the mod it says rar so I cant use it please tell me how to fix that.
  • Codi
    2015-09-29 02:54
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    and the map looks amazing.
  • Moder
    2015-10-06 08:05
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    this map is not for farming, it is for euro truck
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