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County Rheinlandpfalz v1.1
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County Rheinlandpfalz v1.1

Landkreis_Reihnlandpfalz by team Rheinlandpfalz

version 1.1
What was geänedert.
Kuhweide enlarged
created new field paths
the wooden silos exchanged at the cow pasture
ball hall in the cow pasture built with crane
increased Schafweide
new fields (fields processed)
new fruits poppy, kohlrabi, strawberries, rice
pictures of fruit all set (log clean)
built harbor
new city
MixKasten exchanged fabrikMixKasten
installed 3 new fields (in the biogas plant, and in the rice farm)
rice farm
New greenhouses (lettuce, tomatoes, cauliflower)
Kompostier_Anlage exchanged CompostMaster2k16 and CompostFillingPlant_placeable
exchanged craft shop
built concrete with sand pit Streingrube and a car wash for Kiess
built seaport
built flour mill and taken out at the harbor a new sale of cereals and purchase of flour
Knaeckewerk rausgenommen and built a new bakery
replaced trees
for sale inserted in Gaststäde additional things
biogazanlage the mountain replaced now can unload man with trailer
with built Animated animals

I ask all those who want to invite Map down only to read the description. Who the Map does not like it should not load down too!
If her criticism of the Map you please in friendly tone expressed for no mapper or modder wants to hear something like "oh you see the shit or something but no one wants." Because that is the reason why keep some mapper or modder their Map's or Mod's only for themselves.
For Map
The Landkreis_Reihnlandpfalz is a 4x Map with 59 fields
In the beginning you have 3 boxes (box 2.8 and 37).
You start at the farm with a small fleet. Besides all the fieldwork ye also to supply several industries (Note the way there may be far)
and there is a very large forest courtyard where there is also a smaller sawmills in this sawmill gets her then delivery of logs wood chips and wood pallets. There is a large sawmill where their trunks can cast and only chips gets out.
Sawmill small: delivery of wood chips and trees edition wooden pallets and wood chips Sawmill large: delivery of trees output chips flour mill: discharge of barley, wheat and rye. Output flour Schlachter: delivery of beef, pork and chicken.
Output meat Erasco: delivery of meat, onions and potatoes stew edition coleslaw factory Delivery of red cabbage, white cabbage and carrots
Output coleslaw and compost Riding: dispensing oats, mixed feed and straw (can be sold at the port) output horse refinery
Delivery of rapeseed and oil
Issue Bio Diesel for the farm and forestry Hof petrol diesel engine oil
Baker: delivery of rye, flour, eggs and sugar output bread sugar factory: delivery of sugar, water, wood chips and compost output sugar Winery: delivery of water, fertilizer, compost and seeds
Issue of Wine Brewery: delivery of water, hops and barley
Edition beer all economic activities must be supplied with all else they do not run.

Mods you need and the man with us receives a package in the forum.

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Marhu, Giants, Blacky_BPG, Farmer_Andy, Mannie313
Nils23, webalizer_ls, Maurer Matze, Raptor5 Jauch Paule, Nick98.1, Manuel, mario Dieck
atze1978, Bluebaby210, Steinklopfer, Funky
RC-Devil, Kastor, tobiasgo, Alex2009, herrl, El_Cid

I thank all the people whose stuff I could use !!!! If I have forgotten someone can / should simply register.
have fun playing Markus
Visit us in the forum; http://team-rheinlandpfalz.de/


  • Bob (wires)
    2016-05-03 01:58
    Hi... Can anyone tell me why I get two (2) "live tickers" running at the same time, overlapping each other. Only near the end of the display, do you get a clear text, as it is showing only one instance of the text. Bob.
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