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Courseplay Manager v0.9
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Courseplay Manager v0.9

The Course Play Manager is the only software that allows you to * the rauszufiltern from a variety of courses right for you.

3 Problems to be solved:
1) You can choose individually, and then you have even the courses that you also want.
2) New courses are in a new file. By replacing the old, all courses were deleted. This program bypasses.
3) You have instant access to more Course, and for individual maps selectable.

Another request to the Modhoster community:
*) The software is still under development and there are currently not many courses. Therefore, you have the option of your Course at great jack to send.
Please rate not immediately Mod bad. As I said: It is the development phase.

Step 1: unpack zip file
Step 2: Double click on the exe file


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