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Coursplay curse grazyland v1.0
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Coursplay curse grazyland v1.0

here I courses for Grazyland for you my private Cours Play.
There is already much good stuff retracted. But only for the fields which has its beginning.

Unpack folder to the desktop
Move the file contained therein to \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 \ savegameX
Do not touch the zip / rar file pack folder to the Mods!

included are:
diverse chaff courses (field after hofsilo / BGA / animal farm)
some courses from farm to animal farm etc
Mähkurs including swaths and collect
and much more.

The courses are all fully assembled but also saved more divided in eg
hofsilo after hofstart / hofstart to animal farm / animal farm by the end of straw / tierhofstart after end of the courtyard
This you have to if you do not want to bring in new courses always depart all the way but only minor ways.
I tried to gestallten well organized and have everything sorted in various folders over.
Think about it, the not every course 100% with any team work. For example, on the animal farm. it would be better if you take smaller tractors and trailers as there are partially but is relatively narrow, etc.
Besides these, you know even that will prepare the kollis of trees etc guarantees problems.
That's why I've taken the time with my version and almost all the trees Kollis disabled.
Video Tut to or to various CP things I like to do if there is enough resonance.
I will expand gradually, of course, prices.
Constructive criticism is welcome to be submitted)
Happy gamble!


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