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Cow Water Mod v1.0
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Cow Water Mod v1.0

Cow  water mod for FS15
placeable water trough for cows
This gives your cows water to drink and adds to the production for cows
ps this does not show in the pda screen so to see if it works use the AnimalWaterHUD mod
from modland.net. and yes it does work.

pingu marhu

  • Erpilas
    2015-12-06 17:56
    in cows marks the mod me water the amount of water, but the sheeps ... I did not mark that can be ??? "google translator" forgive ..
  • Pinguar
    2015-12-06 18:28
    working on sheep version
  • Erpilas
    2015-12-06 19:29
    thank you, is a magnificent mod...
  • Eagle355th
    2016-01-02 02:37
    Thanks a lot! Salute!
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