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CP folk Holm v2.1
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CP folk Holm v2.1

Course Play is already in the Open_Beta and I have my views on the popular Volksholm_1.5 downhill courses for all fields retracted.
There are ONLY downhill courses from field to farm!
I drive just like the thresher / harvester itself and then hire a downhill rather then leave the fruit to court me.
Of course you can change you these courses according to your taste and I force anyone to follow the courses as I've retracted.
It should just be a help to those who have just started with the Volksholm_1.5 and the Course Play game.
I give no support for questions etc. in terms Course Play. Since everything is still beta status, I can not say whether these courses then in the final version still work too!
So for those who can use it, I hope you enjoy on the CP Volksholm_1.5 and Course Play with it!
The XML heard in the savegameXY from Courseplay_Ordner.
Greeting clod

die courseplay.xml stammt vom Courseplay-team

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