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CP Tow Rivers v1.0
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CP Tow Rivers v1.0

Tow-Rivers LS 15
From Polarbär76    v1.0
+) Quotes of all fruits to all points of sale (Full Auto)
+) Abfahrkurse all   Fields for Hofsilo or BGAsilo   (Full Auto)
Exit + (potatoes and turnips   all fields to Hofsilo (Full Auto)
+ (Abfahrkurse all   Fields for BGA silo 1,2,3, Selectable (Full Auto)
+) Slurry driving to all fields of BGA   and cow pasture (Full Auto)
+) Crap driving to all fields of pig farm and cow pasture (fully automatic)
+) Fertilization   and sowing all fields of artificial fertilizers od. syringe and seeder from Hoftrigger (Full Auto)
+ (Mowing lawns with 9,9m, swaths of 12.5m and shut-down for food storage   and silage silo cow u.Ballen presses Wrap (Full Auto)
+) Straw shutdown loose with Trailer   all fields to feed stores or yard sale 2 (Full Auto)
+) Straw pressing (Fully Automatic)
+) Bales for sale in the farm (Fully Automatic)
+) Transfer of equipment to the yard, BGA u.Futterlager (Full Auto)
+) Starting from the forests to the sawmill / Semi-automatic)
+) Courses to shovel filling for BGA 1,2,3 (Fully Automatic
+) Field courses must itself generate (record for straw collecting and pressing the Drescher course and beginning and end set a WAIT DOT)
+) Automatic refueling at all courses     except feed stock, Kuhweide
+) Field scan and driver salaries and a switch (description)

Images where starting points are and detailed description are Attached as a PDF file.


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    2015-02-01 22:46
    buenas noche, donde se instala este mods??...gracias...
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