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CP Westbridge Hills v1.3
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CP Westbridge Hills v1.3

For those who play on the Standard Map Westbridge Hills I have CP retracted courses. Only Drescher abgetankt, and emptied the Hofsilo.
While there is already a CP course for the map but I was not entirely to peace with it. (Gas station)
I tried to avoid Gefällsstrecken to avoid a prolonged Bremsaweg. It may be that some tractor driving detours to safely arrive at the destination, and drive past the gas station.
I will later retract potato and sugar beet.
Bjorn Holm will also come.
I do not want to lose weight all the work you and ye shall also still itself do something.
Who needs it can invite him who does not need him to let it go.
Have fun
PS: Unzip the file and copy the file to the courseplay.xml savegame folder.
For everyone who drives the CP courses on Westbridge Hills, no matter what field you start harvests the best downhill racer at the farm silo in the same direction gas station (southbound). They all run dry between farm and field 16 up the hill to the fields.
Next courses are yet to come (BGA, outlets, etc ...).
The CP rates are all outside the fields, therefore it may be that the Drescher are not found automatically assign PLEASE manually.
The CP rates of downhill are all transferred to the field, where they should find the Drescher automatically.
Course Play

New version 1.2 is ready for download
For Bjorn Holm there will initially be no newer version. When I have time and desire, there is a new version. !?

For Westbridge Hills.
There are plenty of new courses there.
Drescher with attached cutting moves itself back to the field and back, starting from the farm.
If you want to use the function e = threshing Feeding for each field you have the traffic off the game otherwise it is not.
a = downhill cereal Hofsilo.
b = rakes, cultivators for each field
c = straw, grass collect the sheep pasture and cowshed rest into the silo at cow pasture. (Westbridge Storage Addon)
You can also use the straw to collect Balers o. Grass, only to pick up the bales have to make their own.
d = chopped in BGA, Silo in cow pasture and rest in stock. Field 21 and 20 and BGA Silo filling next dunghill. Field 19 only camp. (Westbridge Storage Addon)
e = threshing Feeding for each field
Sales = Sales to dealers
There is also a map image in the Download this be where I enter all and end points where each vehicle starts, it is also a text file in which the fields are entered with working width and starting direction.
I have the prices down to the Case Axial-Flow 7130 and cutting 3020 35FT, Cultivators Horsch Tiger 10LT, the swather from Pöttinger Top 1252 and the mower Kuhn FC 3525F and FC10030 because they are identical on the working width of 10 meters.
Important note.
In various fields there are small problems with the CP drivers. On the field, 4 and 11 should the CP drivers observe that they do not remain straight driving and hanging over the 90 degree angle over the bar.
I you would also be grateful for tips and suggestions.
Link to.
Each field can be edited with the swathers and cultivators.
There are all outlets approached with any type of fruit Inc. chips. (Requires a conveyor belt of Marhu)
Link to.
Start is always at the farm, except the collection of cars starts at the cow pasture.

More I will not tell now.

A small thank you is worth a 1000 words.


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