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Crane Hall v1.0
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Crane Hall v1.0

Because there was in LS13 Mod already and I found him very well so I converted him but unfortunately the crane was not working. Now the crane works with a small bar changes. The mod is free placeable.


  • Raptor
    2015-07-12 04:07
    the door on the ramp wont open. any help?
  • Tom


    2015-07-12 11:25
    the door only opens if you get out the vehicle and walk upto the door and press the key that it says or this is how it worked in 2013 but i have not yet downloaded the mod so can be sure then. hope this helps
  • Raptor
    2015-07-12 23:42
    the doors work on the ground but if you walk up the ramp and try to open that door it wont open
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