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Crane lifting frame v2.0
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Crane lifting frame v2.0

I offer you my lift frame to the DL the VLT already know some of LS11 or FB
This allows any vehicle or implement zbs lift in an accident

attachment point to the lifting structure to the crane attach is a "chain" point pivot about the permit to
to devices connected to the lift frame to fasten their uses just the "N" or "M" to fix or solve,
you can still fix the radius increase kan zbs bigger cars - means "Right Ctrl" afterwards Num + or

2 small log entries are still there but not bad as they appear only once when loading

The mod may only be made ??with the original download link in other forums to download!
Reuploading or uploading an altered version is not permitted!


  • Redneck farmer
    2015-12-06 14:56
    When are you going to release the CRANE that you use in the photo 10??
  • Albertl
    2015-12-06 18:21
    I see the Crane, Where is it at? The Lifter is not much good without the crane too.
  • Autocrane released
    2015-12-12 06:22
    already been released http://winston9587modder.freeforums.net/ sign up and it's in downloads
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