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Create an LS 15 Store image v1.0
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Create an LS 15 Store image v1.0

Dear modders
Today I present you no mod available, but a tutorial on how you can create 15 store images for the LS. This tutorial I wrote, because I have met some mods lately, do not have a real store image, but only a screenshot of the device from the game. With this - admittedly very detailed - instructions, it should however be possible even novice players to create beautiful photo shop. I have tried numerous paintings loosen the whole bit.
The whole cost me a lot of time and Muge. But if this guide helps new modders, then I like to invest this effort. Good mods need just one of a good format. And I think this guide is a great help in this task.
Enjoy reading,
The file must - !!!! stating the credit !!!! To share and change -. Finally, we all benefit.


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