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Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v1.0
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Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v1.0

This is the Bell UH1D AGRICULTURAL with the fertilizer capabilites added into. I really enjoyed the helicoptor and thought it would be cool to be able to fertilize your crops from above. It cuts down on the time to fertilize your field by a large margin. This is version one and I will continue to make improvements to it and re-release when they are done. There is currently a limit of how far away from the field you are for the spraying to be effective. All credits to the orginal creator of the mod, the only thing I did was add the fertilize feature.

This mod is SP Only.

Bigdaddy012678 (Added Fertilizer Feature)

  • Bigdaddy78
    2016-06-16 19:58
    Please forward to 5:00 in the video to see the crop duster chopper video.
  • @bigdaddy78
    2016-06-16 21:16
    i thought all the mods would be released to day and not just one
  • Bigdaddy78
    2016-06-16 21:29
    All the mods for PV Rivers will be released tonight. This one is not specific to PV Rivers and wanted to get it posted on here to how to do it.
  • @bigdaddy78
    2016-06-16 22:46
    o ok sorry about that..yeah the helicopter is pretty easy to use good job on building it
  • Dieselhead
    2016-06-17 04:57
    its done really well and i like it, but due to the way this thing flies i really think that the sprayer range and working width needs to be increased.constantly find myself running into my trucks and stuff because of how low it is.if you don't care about realism, making it also able to sow fields would be great too.
  • @bigdaddy78
    2016-06-22 21:11
    would be cool if it could pick up down trees after cutting them
  • Teddy bär 1-4
    2016-07-01 01:31
    Auch beim start des Heli´s hebt er leicht schon vom Boden ab. Damit der standfest auf dem Boden bleibt würde ich den Pitch auf - 70.000 setzen. So zeigt mir das DriveControl an. Ausserdem die Rotoren drehen sich nicht aus in der Endposition der Verzurrung. Der sound passt dann auch.Man nimmt euch doch mal zu Herzen wenn man euch schon Tipps gibt. Schaue Dir das LS2013 Modell an. Da sind die Scrips schon drin. Man muss das nur umarbeiten das es passt.
  • Teddy bär 1-4
    2016-07-01 01:32
    Heli macht Error .lua Problem in der log
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