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Crown of Aragon v0.9
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crown of Aragon v0.9

Wellcome to the crown of Aragon Map, here you can find 39 fields for crops, 10 fields for grass and 13 fields for fruit trees.
There are three types of cattle fattening, pigs, chicken and beef. You will also have standard cows and sheeps.
Installaltions for flour, bread, sugar and salt. Olive oil at the mill and BGA installations.

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AnimationMapTrigger http://vertexdezign.net/downloads/animationmaptrigger
ChoppedStraw: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/choppedstraw--2
Foliage:El Cid
UniversalProcessKit: mor2000
Map Buyable Object Fs15: Bluebaby210
Guelle, Mist und Kalk Mod: TMT (G├╝lle-Mist-Kalk-Mod LS2013 v2.01
von TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan))
Compost_soil: Andy1978 lsfarming-mods.de
Modified Vehicles, Tested: Vanquish081
Tested: AlicanteJD
Translations:Alf. AlicanteJD Vanquish081

  • Saytan
    2015-05-29 14:13
    Some mistakes, we're working on it, thanks.Einige Fehler, wir arbeiten daran, danke.translate.google
  • Tommylex
    2015-05-29 15:01
    suggestion: put a soil mod on map... it will be great :) 5/5
  • Sam731
    2015-05-29 18:06
    many lag for me.
  • Saytan
    2015-05-29 20:15
    CROWN OF ARAGON v1 full
  • Saytan
    2015-05-30 16:32
  • Bestfarmer
    2015-05-30 18:31
    put it at modhub as a zip with all the mods.
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