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Crown XDisc 6200 v1.0
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Crown XDisc 6200 v1.0

Since clover and alfalfa already has been installed on einenigen Maps now, I've added once the crown XDisc the fruit varieties clover and alfalfa.
You can now catch crop clover and lucerne not only eingrubbern but sometimes chop for a change and ensiled.
I found it's a nice alternative for green manure mod Upside Down.

It is not allowed to upload new mod again and to publish the map with a gänderten download link. Please watch so that the work of modders.

Giants / Oimel

  • Chuck
    2015-01-01 19:19
    Can you make a harvester and trailer that I can use to get the crop. The map I'm using has the option to sell klee and lucerne.
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