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CSI Deerfield V1
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CSI Deerfield V1

Well , welcome. on this map you can find the following.
*Regular Farming
*Animal Husbandry with Beef/Pig slauter house
*Sand / Gravel transport
*2 buildings that self-build ( Concrete factory , Bread Factory )
*Sawmills with log storage (Sawmills have auto collecting belts that move product / GATES open with the O key)

NEW ITEMS i have added for cosmetics are as followed :
*Drag Racing strip i built ( To open gates press the O key )
*U-Haul dealer ( No Function )
*Hobgoblin's Garage and Scrap ( For selling your old equipment )
*Added 4 new fields ( No cost to buy )
*Re-built the Quarry
*Added new Wool selling point
*Added 2 new gas stations
*Added KFC , McDonalds , TD Bank , Dunkin' Donuts.

Keep in mind that this is an Edit of a map that you may already know and love .
ALL credit goes to the original Author . i Like to edit maps and make them more fun to play

VVPutin - Map
CSI Mater48 - Map-Editor (Me)
Hobgoblin - Advisor

  • Ich


    2015-11-05 11:34
    Hallo, Dicription and Pics its no good for all Funktions, please more.Thank
  • Csimater
    2015-11-05 15:09
    wait , what ?
  • Bob ( wires )
    2015-11-05 16:05
    The map will not load for me (trying nap only), the Lod File shows a lot of errors (Raw format ) Bob.
  • Ich


    2015-11-05 22:06
    thank you modder for your help. i cancel for the map you BetrĂ¼ger
  • Csimater
    2015-11-06 03:38
    this map loads perfectly fine on my end and a few of my friends / Map testers I do not know how to fix this , you can assist me I can try to make this better
  • Csimater
    2015-11-06 03:39
    ICH - I am NOT a scammer , I am NEW to modding. but I guess you know everything. Sorry I am not perfect
  • Berny
    2015-11-06 05:08
    No problems here for downloading, great maps btw.
  • Berny
    2015-11-06 05:59
    Where did you store silage, manure ect ?
  • Henry
    2015-11-06 09:03
    sry, wot is Stock by Cement Factory ???
  • Csimater
    2015-11-07 14:40
    Berny , you store at the home farm Silo's
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-11-11 22:15
    Hi. CSIMater...Well I D/L the map again, this time it loaded ok, So now I need to know where is the main Storage Silos for the crops, I have found the other locations, Buy like you stated this layout looks very familiar, and being that, I Iooked in the spot that I remember the main silos being before, but they are not there, So I need a hint... thanks Bob.. [email protected]
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-11-12 06:34
    As per comment above,,,,YES.... you did alter the layout, (better). As for not finding things, well, I did find all items, I looked at the map (pda) in an enlarged view and now see all locations are marked ( in RED color text, not the best to read, Better in White text ) So I will continue to complete chores. Bob.
  • Csimater
    2015-11-20 05:09
    i'l do an update to the map in time , I am working 50+ hours a week and it's hard to do that , but I'l try to return to it . you can also try my newest map I re-worked ( CSI Deerfield v1)
  • Serge44
    2015-11-26 15:52
    This map original is Samara Volga No Respect Modder !
  • Csimater
    2015-11-28 02:53
    It says that in the credits Serge44 Download and check for yourself if you don't believe me
  • Thunder
    2016-03-25 17:25
    love the map so far just cant harvest the crops off the trees what do we use to get the apples and cherrys
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