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CSI Oxford (FINAL)
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CSI Oxford (FINAL)

~~Well , welcome. on this map you can find the following.
 *Regular Farming
 *Animal Husbandry with Beef slauter house
 *Sawmills with log storage (Sawmills have auto collecting belts that move product (Only i cannot get them to work)

 NEW ITEMS i have added for cosmetics are as followed :
 *Hobgoblin's Garage
 *Added new fields ( No cost to buy )
 *Added new Wool selling point
 *Added 2 new gas stations
 *Added McDonalds , TD Bank , Dunkin' Donuts.

 Keep in mind that this is an Edit of a map that you may already know and love .
 ALL credit goes to the original Author . i Like to edit maps and make them more fun to play.

Sheldon - Original Author
W&M Modding --- Removed a lot of Errors
Hobgoblin ---Tester , Consultant
CSI Mater48 (me) Map-Editor

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