Farming simulator 2019 mods
Cultivator / Erpicatore SiderMan v1
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Cultivator / Erpicatore SiderMan v1

Cultivator / Erpicatore SiderMan
Here is the first mods of FSI TEAM MODDING

Peppe978 - Fcelsa - Xentro
-template -Texture idea 3d - animations - script - ingame
additional scripts: dynamicHoses (Xentro)
truck width of m2,80 lost work 570kg power demand 80cv / 90cv
active water connections with additional script for tractors not equipped with attacks or default. (If attached to a tractor not prepared to disappear off the pipes)
Script for the animation of individual particle of plowshares and custom terrain

Peppe978 - Fcelsa - Xentro

  • Prjindigo
    2016-09-27 16:10
    link to a transaction site for downloads, do you share 15% of receipt with modhub. in reply?
  • John
    2016-09-27 17:28
    if u look on the fs terms any mods use by the game are owned by them so that we all do not sell mods as it make the game les fun i will be reporting the site to focus the makers of the game
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