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Cummins Rock Crawler v1
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Cummins Rock Crawler v1


Modders who can convert skp files to I3d and fix and edit Mass and exhuast particles. Pretty much guys we are trying to build an elite mod team and in order to get in you have to be able to do a little bit of everythng. We will help but you should know most of it.
If you want in Private Message us on Youtube at Black Widow Modding. submit your Private message with these answers
Date started modding
skill list
do you have a phone

Hey guys we have another great release

Black Widow Modding

  • Tgcorp616
    2016-01-13 11:19 Send message
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    Sent you a message on youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/TonyCouchman
  • Csticky
    2016-01-14 00:46 Send message
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    Somebody should convert or make a american wilson cattle trailer, that would be so great
  • Redneck modding
    2016-01-16 03:08 Send message
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    hey i can convert them to i3d if you wanna email me to find out [email protected]
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