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Cummins 24 Valve
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Cummins 24 Valve

Thsi Is the Dodge cummins 24valve with some upgrades, smoked out headlights, tinted windows 2.5%, new mirrors. For those guys that want a stealthy appearance.


  • Cummins18
    2015-07-07 21:55
    Im planning on making a 2nd version of this with some better upgrades, like gooseneck hookup, smoked tail lights, a better dropdown bumper hitch. look forward to that.
  • Lame
    2015-07-07 22:47
    Ya.. will the 2nd version not include the stupid stack in the bed?
  • Guest
    2015-07-07 22:58
    will be a nice truck when you lose the stack in the bed and clean up the log.
  • Cummins18
    2015-07-07 23:18
    I'm planning on making a version with a regular exhaust, and keep the stack version because some people like it. I would like to make a color halo for the light bar also
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