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Custom F-450 v1
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Custom F-450 v1

Lifted F-450,
Fully AO Baked with interior.
Color changeable.

Will have a V2 of this truck out soon that is stock lift, Just made truck to play around in, Pulls great though.


  • Zzzzzz
    2016-10-20 03:06 Send message
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    sweet truck could you please put either a modhub link or a drop box link up as adf.ly has too much adware/virus's for my likings ( I killed last computer downloading from that site) im only asking as I really want this truck & am looking out for other folks I don't want them killing there computers with ddf.ly downloads as well.
  • Kp


    2016-10-27 01:32 Send message
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    Looks and drives nice! It causes so much lag since it's AO baked though.
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