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Customizable Hofschild v1.0
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Customizable Hofschild v1.0

Hi Guys,

Hofschild this is certainly some of LS13 known of you:

free customizable logo template file and a short PDF manual in German and English
Price: 250 €

Good examples of even custom signs you can see in Figure 3!
A big thanks goes to buzzard, who was so kind to me to remove those pesky UV fault - he really is someone who always happy to help beginners -> Class !! Please take a look on his side over there, there's good downloads and photos:


model and textures by modinc
ingame by buzzard agrotech

  • Merlin
    2015-02-21 21:15
    Your sign is not easy to edit, your tutorial is not easy to see how to edit. try again
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